Walking in His Steps

The Asia Gateway Training (AGT), which was held at the Seminari Theology Malaysia in June this year, accepts anyone with the calling and desire to serve in missions. For Lee Sin Wong, who holds a Masters in Counseling, it was the best place to proactively widen her horizons  “to experience bigger things that God would like to do with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in my ministry.” She hopes “to be bold in dealing with people with love and grace through different spheres of influence.” 

Lee Sin’s journey through AGT has been one of self-growth, as well as one of learning. She took the modules provided by AGT to complete her Theological Education by Extension (TEE) Masters in Christian Studies program. However, she also participated for her own personal enrichment, wanting “to learn from other brothers and sisters and lecturers about their perspective on cross-cultural missions…OT and NT Hermeneutics of God’s missions, contextualization in the light of social action, evangelism and learning to balance them without compromising the truth.”

One key benefit she gained from AGT is being able to say confidently and unashamedly, “I don’t know what lies ahead but I know God is still in control,” especially when she is asked questions concerning her plans for the future. “It’s become a deep affirmation for me to know that He is God and is in control of my life, and also for missions in the world,” she says.

Lee Sin says she has also grown in patience, especially with regards to spreading the Gospel to others. Taking advice from her leaders and pastors, she realises the importance to first build relationships with others. “It’s a learning journey, “she says.

At AGT, Lee Sin discovered how missions was always part of God’s plan - from Genesis to Revelation. She learnt that evangelism should never be the primary purpose to build bridges or genuine friendships in the field. “There is more to missions than just evangelism. I have learnt to think critically about missional work whilst keeping God’s commandments & commission in my mind,” she says.

This knowledge has made her more aware of how she does missions and of her motivations to do missions. She is now more conscious of why she shares God’s love and focuses on simply being genuine in reflecting Jesus within her cultural context. Lee Sin’s motive is to introduce Jesus-not merely through preaching-but through her life and her conduct as His follower.

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