Creating a Culture of Understanding

Alex Thu from Myanmar joined the Asia Gateway Training (AGT), which was held at the Seminari Theology Malaysia in June this year, to learn more about missions, culture, and the various concepts related to mission work. He shared several interesting facts he learned in AGT:

  • God’s Mission (or its principle) is both in the Old and New Testament. It is not solely a New Testament concept;
  • Culture plays a large role in missions and contextualization of the Gospel within that culture is important;
  • God’s Mission is about tolerance. Christians must be able to accept other people’s beliefs. We are to be at peace with others (but not at the expense of disobeying God.)

Alex’s mission field is in South East Asia; sharing the Gospel to Buddhists and Hindus through education. He works with an organization that offers education to pre-school children and provides free tuition. 

He believes that the principles of respecting cultures, presenting Christianity in a local context, and accepting other religions (living in harmony with other systems of belief) will serve him well as he continues to do mission work. “I must learn to accept other cultures because people live and are shaped by their own culture,” he says.

Alex believes that in order to be effective in our communications with others, we must see the importance and need to respect, fellowship and understand other religions. He hopes to have good relationships with others of different religions so he can effectively share the good news.

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