APPLY NOW: 2019 Missional Leadership Residential Programme

Programme Fee 
RM 3,500 for 4 weeks of classes
Programme Date 

Duration: June 1, 2019 (arrival date) to June 28, 2019.

The programme is an advanced course designed to equip leaders and potential trainers. It could also be taken as an in-service training or refresher course for workers on home leave.

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Venue Malaysia Theological Seminary (STM) 

Lot 3011, Taman South East, Jalan Tampin Lama,
Batu 3, 70100 Seremban, 
Negeri Sembilan, 

The courses are built around four modules:

Module 1: A Missional Hermeneutics of the Old and New Testament (June 3 - 8)

This module aims:

• to explore the theme of evangelistic mission in the Old Testament

• to understand the meta-narrative of the Old Testament and how that intersects with mission

• to understand the plan and purpose of God from the beginning for mission

• to encourage interaction, the exchange of viewpoints and ideas

• to be strengthened in our commitment from scripture for mission to the nations

• to survey the theme of mission in the New Testament, with particular attention to the Gospels, Acts and selected letters of Paul

• to understand the plan and purpose of God in the New Testament, paying particular attention to the inclusion of the Gentiles

• to examine how the early church deals with conflicts and issues pertaining to the inclusion of Gentiles in

God’s mission

• to explore how we could be strengthened in our commitment for mission to the nations


Conducted by :

Dr Kyle Essary, lecturer in biblical studies at a seminary in Southeast Asia

Rev Victor Lee Tat Yan, President of Bible College of Malaysia



With an exposure trip to Hindu temple in Seremban on June 8, 2019


 Module 2: Gospel, Culture and Integral Mission (June 10 - 16)

In this module we will reflect on culture, what it is, how to understand other cultures, and how to discover and understand God in those cultures. How can we witness to the Gospel in different cultures? How can we live and work in a cross-cultural situation? We will also reflect on how the Gospel relates specifically to the poor and the marginalized. Jesus announces that he is to preach good news to the poor. With over 2000 verses in the Bible referring to the poor and vulnerable in relation to justice and compassion, we are compelled to do and practise a theology where the poor and vulnerable are always present and accounted for.


Conducted by :

Berdine van den Toren-Lekkerkerker, CMS Mission Partner for mission education in Africa and Asia


With an exposure trip to Migrant Ministries in an urban setting 


Module 3: Gospel in the Pluralistic Society (June 17 - 22)

All the major religions in the world see its beginning and roots in Asia. All have claims from their own revered scriptures which guides humanity on all aspects of life from birth, death and the attainment of eternity. Negating these religious belief systems and presenting Christ as the only way has become offensive. The challenge before us is can this offensive dimension be removed altogether? The danger of a relative perspective of religion like many post modernists propose or universalising of religion does harm to the Christian gospel. As theologians and practitioners each generation is on a quest to be honest to the Gospel and its context. This class is all about finding a way forward.


Conducted by:

Dr Joseph Deva Komar, Missiology lecturer, Malaysia Theological Seminary



With an exposure trip to the Buddhist temple on June 22, 2019

Module 4: Critical Issues in Asian Mission (June 24 - 28)

This module identifies and critically surveys the contemporary issues and tensions involved in the theoretical and practical outworking of God’s mission in the Asian context. These include issues in mission theology, the local church and mission, contextualization, leadership, education, unreached people groups, partnerships and money in mission, globalisation, migration, urbanisation and violence in mission.


Conducted by:

Dr Cheong Weng Kit, lecturer in missiology and intercultural studies at a seminary in Southeast Asia

Dr Chan Nam Chen, Executive Director of AsiaCMS

 Dr Peter Nguyen, Assistant Director of AsiaCMS




Dr Kyle Essary

Dr Kyle Essary grew up in the United States, although he has also lived in Yemen, China, and for most of the past decade—Malaysia. He is married to Jamie, and God has blessed them with four children—Andrew, Abby, Anna, and A.J. He serves as a lecturer in biblical studies in Southeast Asia. He has served with a number of churches and plants in both the States and Malaysia. He holds a PhD in biblical studies and focuses his research on Old Testament narrative, cultural identity in Genesis, and biblical theology.


Rev Victor Lee Tat Yan

Rev Victor Lee serves as the President and full-time lecturer of Bible College of Malaysia. He is a passionate teacher for churches and other seminaries in Malaysia and Cambodia. He specializes on the New Testament with a focus on the Gospel of John and he is currently in the final stages of completing his PhD with Aberdeen University. He is married to Dr Vicky and they are blessed with a son, Wallace and a daughter, Whilma.



Berdine van den Toren - PhD candidate (Missiology) 

Berdine grew up in a small rural village in the Netherlands. Together with her husband and children, she moved to the Central African Republic, where they lived and served for eight years at the Bangui Evangelical School for Theology, for French speaking Africa. Having moved to Oxford, United Kingdom, Berdine joined CMS and worked as the Mission Education advisor. Now, living in the Netherlands again, she has become a CMS Mission Partner, to support Missiological and Theological Education in Africa and Asia.

 Berdine has been Asia Gateway lecturer in ‘Gospel and Culture’ for the past 5 years. The impact of her teaching and mentoring on Asia Gateway students has been greatly appreciated consistently for the 5 years.



Dr Joseph Deva Komar

Dr Joseph Deva Komar is a pastor with the Methodist Church working amongst the diaspora Indians in Malaysia for the last 35 years. Presently doubling up as a lecturer at Malaysia Theological Seminary specializing in Missiology and Pastoral Theology.



Dr Cheong Weng Kit

Dr Cheong Weng Kit serves at a seminary in Southeast Asia as a fulltime lecturer in missiology and intercultural studies. He has served in various church planting ministries in Southeast Asia and in migrant ministries in the U.S.A. He has a PhD in Intercultural Studies and he writes on Pentecostalism, work, money and mission, globalisation, urban missiology and world religions.


Dr Chan Nam Chen

Dr Chan Nam Chen serves as the executive director of AsiaCMS. He is a practitioner who also serves as a denominational leader in his home country of Malaysia, and as a seminary lecturer in different Asian countries. He has a PhD in Intercultural Studies and his expertise is in church and culture, intercultural leadership, migration studies and missiology.


 Dr Peter Nguyen

Dr Peter Nguyen serves in AsiaCMS as an advocate for catalytic missiological training in the Asian context besides facilitating missional collaborations among churches in Southeast Asia. He has a PhD in intercultural Studies, and he lectures and writes on mission theology, contextual theology, contextualization and East Asian religions.

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